A planned subdivision on Old Gray Summit has one more hurdle to pass before getting the go-ahead from the board of aldermen.

Mike Lawless, Lawless Homes president, wants to develop Stonebridge subdivision, a 133-lot subdivision on Old Gray Summit, adjacent to the city limits.

The planning and zoning commission recommended approval of the project and aldermen gave preliminary approval Feb. 20. The PUD zoning and preliminary plat were scheduled for final approval during the March 6 board meeting.

The property for the development was voluntarily annexed into the city for the development at that meeting.

The application to approve PUD zoning for the subdivision and voluntarily annexation were targeted to be adopted at the same meeting, but were separated when Alderman Mike Pigg said the subdivision preliminary plat was not ready.

He said the plat showed a stub street that ends at the boundary of the subdivision, adjacent to undeveloped land. He said the project did not meet a fire code, which requires a second entrance/exit from the development.

Lawless proposes a dual roadway with 20-foot side entrance and exit roads from Old Gray Summit Road.

City Administrator Steve Roth said it was his understanding that the fire marshal had accepted the dual-road entry as meeting the needs for emergency vehicles.

Pigg read from a portion of the fire code, which said a second entrance was required. City Attorney Bob Jones said without having the entire code he could not interpret the section Pigg read as it applied to the proposed subdivision.

Lawless said he had built many subdivisions with the dual-road configuration and they were approved by local fire districts. He said the 20-foot width is adequate for two vehicles and for emergency vehicles.

“If for any reason one road was blocked, emergency vehicles could use the adjoining roadway,” said Lawless, who also said he did not want to build a second entrance/exit to the development.

“This is what we’re proposing and we’re asking you to vote on it,” he said.

Pigg asked aldermen if they would postpone voting on the project until they heard from the fire marshal.

Alderman Nick Chlebowski said the board should postpone the vote on final approval until the March 20 meeting and ask the fire marshal to attend the meeting.