A physical altercation off North Thornton Road this past Saturday, Sept. 29, led to the arrest of one individual.

Police have not released the name of the person arrested pending an investigation, according to Lt. Amanda Meyer.

The altercation was from an ongoing dispute between some homeowners in the Eagles View subdivision and Jimmy Smith, a local contractor, the police said.

The disagreement centers on the clearing of a 1.27-acre parcel of land on North Thornton Road owned by the Eagles View Subdivision Homeowners Association and access to a 65-acre adjoining parcel that Smith owns.

Police were at the site Friday to accompany homeowners association members while they put up no trespassing signs on their strip of land.

Police were called to the site again Saturday at 4:30 p.m. when a number of people were at the site.

“An altercation occurred that resulted in the arrest of one individual,” Lt. Meyer said. “It was a physical altercation. No one was injured. We will conduct an investigation.”

Police remained at the site until 6.48 p.m. Saturday.