Mike Pigg

Incumbent Pacific Board of Alderman Mike Pigg, who has served five terms as a Ward 3 alderman, withdrew his name Jan. 22 from the April municipal election ballot.

This creates a two-way race in Ward 3 for newcomers Drew Stotler and Ben King, who are vying for the seat.

Pigg said it has been a privilege to serve the city and Ward 3 constituents, but after 10 years in which he missed only two meetings, it’s time to take a break from government.

During his career as an alderman, Pigg championed the police department and was instrumental in bringing police dogs to the department.

Pigg, who operated Pigg’s Pets at 1710 W. Osage for 18 years, recently closed the business and is in talks to sell the building.

“That really frees us up for some family time,” Pigg said. “My wife Jill and I haven’t taken a real vacation in 10 years due to the commitment to the job. I want to take some time to concentrate on my family.”

Pigg and his wife, a former mayor, have three daughters — Sammie, an RN; Mary Beth, a college student; and Jamie, a senior at Pacific High School.