Aldermen backed away from the suggestion of increasing the pay of the mayor and aldermen, but are now considering an increase for the full-time elected positions of collector, police chief and municipal judge that was apparently overlooked when the budget was crafted.

Alderman Mike Pigg said he did not realize those officials had been omitted when the city included a $1 per hour raise for all city employees.

“I just missed it,” he said. “I’m usually on top of what people are being paid, but I missed it.”

Speaking at the Nov. 7 board meeting, Pigg said when he opposed raises for the mayor and aldermen he did not intend to challenge raises for the collector, chief and judge.

“Even though these people are elected, these are full-time positions,” he said. “If everyone is getting a raise, I am for them getting a raise.”

Pigg said he will continue to oppose raises for the mayor and aldermen until salaries of police officers are on a par with other cities, but he’s in favor of raises for full-time elected positions.

Following the meeting, City Administrator Steve Roth told The Missourian he anticipates proposing a raise following the Nov. 7 discussion.

“I am not sure how this has been done in the past,” he said. “The city attorney said he would review it and the board said OK. I would think his review would be limited to the procedural aspect of it.”

Roth said he had not discussed with Mayor Jeff Palmore or anyone else the amount of raises proposed.

“I think a likely solution would be to apply the same $1 hourly raise to the elected officials, and then add a percentage increase in each of the successive years,” he said. “However, I would like to review again to determine how this has been handled in the past.”