A bid to relieve parking safety concerns at First and Orleans streets got the nod from aldermen, but questions about implementation remain.

Aldermen gave preliminary approval to an ordinance Aug. 1 that would ban parking within 20 feet from an intersection.

The new ordinance said the prohibition included, but was not limited, to the intersection of First and Orleans streets.

City Attorney Robert Jones said an ordinance already existed prohibiting parking within 20 feet of a crosswalk, which includes every intersection in the city where sidewalks extend to the intersection.

Jones said even if there is no striped crosswalk between the sidewalks, it’s assumed that a crosswalk exists.

The new regulation includes an exception for vehicles to momentarily pick up or discharge passengers in the no parking zone.

City Administrator Steve Roth said the 20-foot no parking zone would eliminate approximately one parking space at each corner.

Once the bill is read a second time and becomes law, Public Works Director Robert Brueggemann said he will stripe a 20-foot, no-parking zone at First and Orleans streets so motorists would know not to park there.

Alderman Carol Johnson asked how the rule would be applied to other intersections. She said there are other intersections in the city where parking near the intersection impairs visibility of motorists crossing or turning into the street.

Brueggemann said if residents call about a specific intersection where parking presents a visibility problem his department will go out and mark a no-parking zone.

Police Chief Matt Mansell, who has been out of the office for the week, said he will talk with Jones before the bill is read for a second time to evaluate the ordinance and its impact.