Paramedics saved a puppy that was injured in a vehicle accident Feb. 28.

Meramec Ambulance District crews were on the scene of the accident when they learned that a puppy was inside one of the vehicles involved.

Meramec Battalion Chief Julie Cowsert and Boles Fire Protection District firefighters searched the vehicle and found a small female puppy that was cold and injured.

Chief Cowsert transported the puppy to Pacific Animal Hospital where the puppy was treated.

The dog, a Chiweenia, Chihuahua and Dachshund mix, turned out to be about six weeks old.

Pacific Animal Hospital utilized its Farley’s Fund to cover the cost of the puppy’s tests and treatment.

The Farley’s Fund is a nonprofit organization that was created to ensure no animal, which has a good chance of reaching a healthier life, nor a family, who is at a loss in their time of need, is turned away from veterinary care.

Unfortunately, after caring for the dog, the hospital depleted all of its Farley’s funds.

Paramedics posted a message on Facebook to help spread the word that if anyone wanted to make a donation to help this puppy or others, to visit

The original owner opted to release ownership of the puppy. Pacific Animal Hospital will continue to care for her until she is recuperated and then she will be available for adoption.

For more information about Meramec Paramedic’s community outreach, visit its Facebook page.