Aldermen failed to act on a request from the city tourism commission to place a series of ads in The Missourian promoting Pacific as a place to visit.

Tim Baker, former tourism commission chair, made the presentation, saying the city has much to offer and The Missourian recently created an ad campaign that markets the city to the tourism commission.

Baker also said one other news publication, the River Hills Traveler, had made a similar request and the tourism commission had placed the ad.

New tourism Chairman Keith Bruns told aldermen he voted no on the recent proposal.

“I didn’t understand it,” Bruns said. “I’m very conservative in how I spend my money and how I spend other people’s money.”

The discussion took place at the Nov. 19 board of aldermen meeting.

When aldermen failed to make a motion on the proposal, Mayor Herb Adams declared it a closed issue.

“It has died for lack of a motion,” Adams said.