The Pacific Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z) will hold a public hearing Tuesday, May 14, on a bill that, if approved, would regulate the growth and distribution of medical marijuana (MMJ) in Pacific.

The meeting will be open to the public.

All MMJ facilities will be required to have a state license issued by the Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS).

License application forms will be available to the public after June 4 and individuals who want to grow, test, manufacture infused product appliances or dispense MMJ to qualified patients will be able to secure locations and set up their businesses.

The proposed Pacific ordinance will regulate the location and operation of MMJ cultivation, dispensing, infused products manufacturing and testing in the city.

The detailed bill covers all aspects of the MMJ business. Growing facilities would be in an enclosed building and are prohibited from emitting odor that would cause a public nuisance.

No more than three dispensaries will be allowed in the city. The waiting area of a dispensary has to be separated by a wall so persons in the waiting area cannot see the marijuana given to the patient.

Marijuana products cannot be displayed in a dispensary to be visible to the public. Paraphernalia can only be lawfully sold to qualified patients.

No MMJ facility can be located within 100 feet of any school, child day care center or church.

One element of the proposed ordinance says marijuana-related facilities must be 1,500 feet apart from each other, but this section is being questioned because it would limit the Daily Industrial Park to only one growing facility.

Security of medical marijuana must be provided by surveillance, inventory control, locking safe or vault, alarm system and emergency contact.

In addition to the required state license, applicants who want to grow, manufacture or dispense MMJ in Pacific will be required to obtain a city business license.