Meramec Valley School District officials are investigating allegations of a would-be prank against a student with special needs.

The girl, a sophomore, recently was elected to be a Homecoming Court attendant at Pacific High School.

In a Facebook posting, her father stated that his mentally challenged daughter was nominated as a joke and students thought it would be funny to throw duck eggs at her in the Homecoming parade, which is scheduled for this weekend, and make quacking noises at her at the Homecoming dance, which will be held the following weekend.

The father, Rickie Lee Tanner, said his daughter’s only friend is her pet duck and that’s where the idea of the prank came from. Tanner wants school officials to cancel all Homecoming activities.

Superintendent Randy George told The Missourian that school officials only recently were made aware of the Facebook posting and allegations.

“We are genuinely concerned and taking the issue seriously,” George said. “We are investigating the allegations and we will take action if warranted and if we can identify a student or students who are involved.”

The superintendent said officials are “peddling as fast as they can” to determine the facts.

George noted there are 223 members of the sophomore class and the girl received 35 percent of the vote. He feels confident that many of the students wanted her as their attendant.

He also said at this time, he cannot confirm even one student who planned to taunt her.

“We can’t make any assumptions about those who voted. Many may genuinely have thought she was the right candidate,” he said. “This is still an alleged issue. There is a nomination process that we are also looking at.”

The girl’s parents have given several TV interviews, saying they are shocked that students would be so cruel. They also stated that their daughter thrives scholastically at Pacific High, but suffers from ADHD and several social disorders.

Homecoming activities are still on for now, school officials said, but the investigation continues.