Shawn Seymore, Pacific’s new building commissioner, made his debut May 8 at the planning and zoning (P&Z) commission meeting.

Seymore listened as commissioners jousted with developer Joe Bosse over a new building he wants to construct on East Osage.

A certified planner, Seymore also will serve as zoning officer and planning director. He previously served as building commissioner in both St. Ann and Chesterfield.

His duties will include overseeing enforcement for all codes, including building codes and nuisance codes, such as excessively high grass and animal control.

Gary Watson, the new code enforcement officer, will work out of the building department and report to Seymore.

Mayor Steve Myers said the appointment of Watson, a former city police officer, is a step forward in improving the city’s appeal. Myers said he had received positive comments from residents about Watson’s manners as a police officer.

“We want to offer friendlier service,” Myers said. This is a period of new leadership — we’re stepping up our game.”

Alderman Carol Johnson said she wants to make sure that all officers and the code enforcement officer have all the information they need to act on code violations.

“Code enforcement has their own code book. Sometimes we think the officers know everything that is in the code book but they don’t,” Johnson said. “I highly recommend giving a copy of that book to the new officer. The codes he works with are different from his experience as a police officer.”

City Administrator Steve Roth said he’s confident the new code enforcement officer would be adequately trained.