The Pacific Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z) was able to correct a previous oversight when a local storage company wanted to add new buildings to its Rose Lane site.

Sidewalks were overlooked when construction plans were approved for Bahr Storage to construct the original storage units at 2297 Rose Lane in 2015.

The firm appeared at a P&Z meeting Aug. 22 asking for approval of an amended site plan. The firm wants to build three additional buildings on the site.

The new buildings were not included in the original plan, but identified in the original application as phase 2.

The building site for the new structures is already graded and fenced. A detention basin for stormwater also exists on the tract, which was included in the initial design.

Although building codes call for sidewalks to be built on all new commercial development, the initial plan for the storage buildings did not include sidewalks. P&Z recommended approval of the plan without the sidewalks and the board of aldermen gave its approval. The units were completed in 2016.

Oversight of the sidewalks became part of the discussion when the Scenic Regional Library asked for preliminary approval to build a new library on the east end of the block on the corner of Lamar Parkway and sought a waiver from the sidewalk requirement.

At that time, aldermen voiced surprise at the absence of sidewalks at the storage unit site. They said building codes require sidewalks as part of all new commercial construction.

The board voted to require the library to install the sidewalk along its property line on Rose Lane.

Speaking Aug. 22, City Administrator Steve Roth noted that the property between the storage units and the library have no sidewalks. He said the city has the authority to require sidewalks at this location, but also has the power to waive them.

P&Z members voted to recommend approval of the plan with the requirement that sidewalks be constructed along the entire front of the property.

The plan now goes to the board of aldermen for approval Sept. 5.