A storm drain and retention basin at the edge of the Riverbend School parking lot poses a danger to pedestrians and cyclists, according to Alderman Carol Johnson.

The large concrete channel feeds stormwater into a culvert beneath Highway N, with the culvert entrance at the edge of the sidewalk.

Johnson asked fellow aldermen Oct. 17 to install a guardrail on the sidewalk above the section that drops off into the drainage ditch.

At the deepest point, the drop below the sidewalk is approximately 8 feet.

“The sidewalk drops off directly into the basin,” Johnson said. “Students are using that sidewalk to get to school.”

She also said cyclists frequently use that stretch of sidewalk.

Alderman Mike Pigg agreed, saying he was surprised that there had not already been an accident at the site.

Mayor Jeff Palmore said he, City Administrator Steve Roth and Public Works Commissioner Robert Brueggemann would visit the site to determine the best approach.

“We will take a look at it,” Palmore said. “We might need something more than a guardrail.”