A group of McDonald’s customers, along with Mayor Steve Myers and members of the Pacific Area Chamber of Commerce got a look at the newly remodeled Pacific McDonald’s at 1620 W. Union St. and met the store’s new owner July 19.

Nolan Ruiz recently purchased a string of McDonald’s, including the Pacific restaurant.

He told supporters that the remodeled restaurant, which allows customers to order and pay at a kiosk, will free up some employees to provide more hospitality service.

“It doesn’t mean that we will have fewer employees,” he said. “We have 50 employees now and expect to raise that to 75.”

Ruiz said as a new owner he sees McDonald’s as America’s best first job and hopes local teens will come forward to work in the Pacific restaurant.

Like most McDonald’s in the U.S, the Pacific McDonald’s has been modernized to include self-ordering kiosks, table service and digital menu boards to enhance the customer experience.

Crew members will now spend more time out in the restaurant helping customers than behind the counter.

The exterior also has been completely remodeled, with a streamlined exterior, outdoor benches and dual drive-up lanes.

Members of Boy Scout Troop 329 raised the American flag to kick off the re-opening ceremony and enjoyed a piece of the cake decorated with the traditional golden arches.