Beginning in January 2015, local businesses will have an opportunity to learn more about products and services that are produced by fellow Chamber members.

A plan for traveling Chamber meetings also would allow members to show off their goods and services.

The Pacific Area Chamber of Commerce is introducing a meeting plan that would take the monthly luncheon meeting to the members’ locations.

Tiffany Wilson, Chamber executive director, introduced the traveling meeting plan in her Aug. 15 weekly newsletter, the Friday Update.

Hosting businesses will not be expected to cater the luncheon meeting, just to provide a location for the meeting to be held.

“The Chamber of Commerce would take care of the catering,” Wilson said. “We want to show off all your hard work or get the word out if you’re in need of some services.”

The new rotating meeting plan will start in January 2015 as the Chamber returns to the monthly general membership meetings, which will be held on the fourth Thursday of every month.

The idea behind the traveling meetings is to raise awareness among businesses of all the products and services that are provided by Chamber members.

Businesses also would have an opportunity to host tours of their facilities.

Anyone interested in hosting a luncheon should contact Wilson at 636-271-6630 or email

Interested businesses will be placed on the monthly meeting schedule for next year.

Networking Opportunity

The Chamber also is asking members to host after-hours networking events.

Starting in 2015 the Chamber will organize quarterly before hours and after hours events.

“This time is to benefit our memberships in enabling them to network with other local businesses and to keep the membership updated on the work going on at the Chamber,” Wilson said. “For those who can’t make the monthly luncheons this will provide a way to be active in the Chamber, hopefully on a schedule that’s more fitting.”

Anyone interested in hosting either a before or after hours event is urged to contact Wilson so she can help plan and organize the event.