Pacific businesses were front and center when 78 officials and guests gathered in the Howe Valley Farm Wedding Venue pavilion for the July 18 Franklin County Municipal League dinner.

The city of Pacific hosted the event.

Mayor Steve Myers, who emceed the gathering, introduced a series of Pacific businesses, beginning with Crooked Creek Beef of Pacific, which provided the beef tenderloin dinner.

Owners Bill and Linda McLaren and their daughter Kristin Binford also own and operate the wedding venue where the event was held.

The mayor welcomed Bob and Ann Trent, Big Foot managers, who had parked one of the firm’s Big Foot 4x4 trucks at the entrance signaling that Pacific is the home of Big Foot.

Myers mentioned one of his favorite books, “Rhinoceros Success,” as the introduction for Gary and Carrie Null, owners of Null and Crossbones, which offers life-sized painted animals on the grounds at the eastbound Interstate 44 exit at Pacific.

Myers said he asked the couple to bring a statue of a rhinoceros to welcome government officials because it offers a fitting motto for elected officials who hoped to get things done.

“Like the rhino, it helps to keep your head down and keep charging,” he said.

Beside each place setting on the 25 tables was a small vial of a white substance with a note attached that explained that Pacific is the home of U.S. Silica and has mined 98.8 percent whole grain silica sand from the St. Peter Sandstone formation since the early 1900s. Sand mined here was used to construct US Route 66, which fronts the plant.

“We’re proud of our businesses,” the mayor said.

Guest speaker Greg Brumitt with Active Strategies gave a presentation on how cities across the U.S. are improving their economy and the ambience of their communities by developing outdoor venues, such as trail systems, which Myers has championed in Pacific.

Marc Houseman, who chairs the Franklin County Bicentennial celebration committee, outlined a series of 200-year anniversary events planned throughout the county that will start this year and continue through of 2019.

Houseman urged all municipalities in the county to join the celebration and plan events. For information on plans already set, visit

Municipal League President Harold Englert, mayor of Berger, welcomed more than 200 officials and guests from the cities of Berger, Gerald, New Haven, Oak Grove, Pacific, St. Clair, Sullivan, Union, Parkway and Washington.

The city of Washington will host the next FCMML dinner.