Aldermen approved an agreement to spend $107,000 on a study to mitigate flooding at the city’s sewer treatment plant, drinking water facilities, the East Osage retail plaza and the residential and business area south of the railroad tracks.

At its Dec. 5 meeting, the board approved a contract with HR Green Inc., Chesterfield, to conduct a flood mitigation study for the city.

Josiah Holst, former city engineer now with HR Green, will serve as project manager.

The city will pay Green his normal hourly rate for the services not to exceed $106,947 without further authorization by the board.

If the city requests extra professional services with an approved work order the city will pay Green the standard hourly rate not to exceed $20,000.

The study area will focus on five key areas of the city, including the wastewater treatment facility, one drinking water well and three sanitary pump stations, the East Side retail plaza and the Meramec River flood plain south of the railroad tracks and north of Brush Creek.

The objective is to develop flood mitigation solutions in those areas, offer a professional opinion of the cost and identify funding opportunities for each of the suggested projects.

The study does not include design or construction of any suggested projects.

To perform its work, the engineering firm will hold a one-day open house, or a series of one-on-one meetings with impacted stakeholders, to discuss deficiencies and needs within each of the five study areas.

Among possible mitigation alternatives are levees, buyouts and raising residential structures and/or a combination of the three.

Holst told aldermen once mitigation alternative are identified the firm would detail the pros and cons of each alternative.

He also said the firm has successfully identified funding for flood mitigation alternatives identified for other cities where studies have been performed.

The agreement calls for the engineering firm to present its findings to the city operations committee, which would allow the city to plan for and apply for funding for any projects.

On the city’s behalf, HR Green will meet with FEMA, state officials, lobbyists, federal congressional staff, governor’s staff and other funding program agencies.

The firm also will help the city identify timing, eligibility and match requirements for any potential funding for flood mitigation projects identified in the study.

Once the study is concluded, the firm will provide a final report to the full board of aldermen.