One Pacific alderman says the city’s part-time elected officials are not paid enough for what they do.

Speaking at the Sept. 27 board meeting, Alderman Nick Chlebowski told fellow aldermen it’s time to start thinking about raising the monthly pay of part-time elected officials.

Chlebowski said he’s not calling for an ordinance at this time, but wants aldermen to look at the matter. He said the $381 that aldermen receive each month is not enough for the number of hours they put in representing their wards.

Chlebowski said he is recommending that aldermen pay be increased to $500 a month and the mayor’s pay be increased to $1,000 a month.

Alderman Mike Pigg said he would not support the measure until the pay of the city’s police force is on par with pay of surrounding cities.

Alderman Carol Johnson also said she believes pay raises for aldermen is adequate. She said she’s more interested in raising the pay of city workers.

“I’m not asking that we do anything now,” Chlebowski said. “I’d like for the city administrator to do a survey of other cities to see what their part-time elected officials are paid.”

Any pay increases that elected officials would enact would not go into effect during the terms of officials who passed the legislation. Raises would go into effect following the re-election of aldermen and mayor.