The city operations committee will meet Monday, Aug. 11, at 7 p.m. in the city hall council chamber.

Items already assigned to the agenda are Candlewick Lane and line-of-sight problems at Fourth and Osage streets.

Mayor Jeff Palmore turned to the city operations committee to investigate a series of challenges and recommended a course of action to the full board of aldermen.

The line-of-sight problems caused by a black wrought-iron fence installed on the south side of East Osage as part of the current improvement project needs will be among topics discussed at the next operations committee meeting.

Mike Bates, committee chair, said there is one point when motorists approach Osage on Fourth Street that the black fence becomes solid black obscuring the traffic lanes.

Police Chief Matt Mansell said he had visited the site and the fence does pose a visibility problem.

“It’s farther north than the original fence,” Mansell said.

City Engineer Dan Rahn said he had looked at the possibility of installing a stacking block wall and removing the fence but Palmore said the problem is the corner triangle where motorists need to see oncoming traffic.

Palmore said the cost to install a 4-foot-high wall for two city blocks could be prohibitive.

“I’d like the operations committee to look at this,” Palmore said.