Pacific officials want to enter into mitigation with a paving contractor over what officials describe as deficient work in a street project.

In February, the city contracted with Spence Contracting, Arnold, to rebuild the section of Thornton Road between the Pilot Truck Center and Monroe Street for a cost of $746,758.

Officials said the work that has been completed on the road is not acceptable.

City Administrator Steve Roth said he discussed the city’s dissatisfaction with the work with the contractor, but has not reached an agreement.

“The contractor responded to our request and I discussed their response with the city attorney,” Roth said. “The next step is to request mediation.”

City Attorney Robert Jones said since mitigation is related to litigation the discussion could take place in executive session, but Mayor Jeff Palmore said the discussion on the unsatisfactory roadwork should take place in an open meeting.

“The public needs to be aware of the situation,” Palmore said. “There are several items that were, I hate to say, egregious, but we did not get what we paid for.”

The mayor said the work performed by the contractor had created a problem on the south side of the street and did not mitigate the problem on the north side where gravel continues to wash out onto the road.

“And we did not get the echelon paving we paid for,” he said, explaining that echelon paving creates a smoother road.

“In echelon paving, the second and all subsequent (parallel) passes made with the paving machine are done while the pavement is still hot, which ensures the center seam is a hot joint and, when rolled, forms a much more waterproof and weather resistant joint,” he said. “It (generally) requires the use of at least two paving machines. The cost for echelon paving is typically higher than the single pass method due to the additional equipment and personnel required.”

The $746,758 project was funded with an 80-20 federal surface transportation program (STP) matching grant, which called for the federal government to pay 80 percent of the base grant amount of $580,162 and the city match of the base grant amount is $145,040.

“However, the project is over budget by about $23,000 and the city would have to pay the projected construction engineering cost of $39,960,” Roth said. “The total city outlay for the project is budgeted at $206,554.”

Aldermen approved a motion to request the city administrator to begin mediation.

Palmore said at some point the board would need to decide what it wants corrected.

Alderman Steve Myers suggested that Roth contact the people who live on the street to make certain all the deficiencies are identified.