The city has accepted the task of installing American flags along Osage Street on certain holidays and established a formal policy for displaying and storing the flags.

Aldermen approved a resolution July 3, establishing the policy to regularly display the flags on traditional patriotic holidays.

The public works department will have the responsibility for the display and removal of flags, which are affixed to the vintage light standards along the right of way.

Flags will be flown on the traditional patriotic holidays of Memorial Day, Flag Day (June 14), Independence Day July 4), Labor Day, Patriots Day (Sept. 11) and Veterans Day, Nov. 11.

For holiday weekends such as Memorial Day and Labor Day, the flags will be displayed on the Friday preceding the weekend and removed on the Tuesday following.

For Flag Day, Independence Day, Patriots Day and Veterans Day, the flags will be displayed the afternoon preceding the holiday and removed the morning following the holiday.

If these holidays fall on a weekend, flags will be displayed on the regular workday immediately preceding the holiday and removed the morning of the regular work day following the holiday.

In addition to these patriotic holidays, the mayor is authorized to direct that the flags be displayed in the event of a special event or occasion.

The Pacific Lions Club previously initiated the program to display the flags on Osage in April 2013, as an offshoot of its program of flying flags in front of participating businesses as an outgrowth of “Welcome Home” activities for returning local servicemen.

The Lions were inspired by the large display of flags and crowds of citizens for recent returning service members and wanted to continue the pride and community spirit evidenced by these ceremonies.

The Pacific Tourism Board purchased 45 new flags and 45 brackets, which the city crews installed on the new light standards along the stretch of Osage where the flags will be placed.

The city accepted the responsibility of displaying the flags last year, but had no formal policy for when flags would be put on display until the July 3 resolution.