After months of aldermen calling for the return of the city’s bulky trash pickup program to help clean up the city, City Administrator Steve Roth proposed a bulky item collection project that involves no curbside pickup.

Residents would deliver their bulky items to a dumpster located in Liberty Field Park.

Speaking at the July 3 board meeting, Roth told aldermen that Waste Connections of Missouri, the city’s waste hauler, has agreed to place a dumpster at Liberty Field and there would be no cost to the city or to residents who deposit bulky trash items there.

“It’s an incredibly generous offer,” he said.

The date scheduled for the event is Saturday, Oct. 6.

Aldermen Ed Gass and Carol Johnson, veterans of the city’s bulks trash programs of the past, said the program would not provide the widespread collection of trash experienced in former programs where residents simply placed items at the curb.

“This won’t work,” Johnson said. “People will just set their stuff out and it will still have to be picked up.”

Gass said many residents would be unable to deliver heavy trash items to the park.

“Everybody has to have a way to get their stuff there,” he said. “A lady 75 years old on Columbus Street has no way to get her stuff to Liberty Field.”

Gass said to truly get trash out of people’s yards the city would need to use city crews to pick up the bulky items at the curb and take them to Liberty Field.

“We used to do it on Saturday for years and years,” he said. “You’d get so much trash there would be six or eight dump trucks heading to the landfill.”

Gass said the city would have to notify people when to set items out and that tires, oil or construction waste would not be picked up.

“If we really want to clean up the city this is what we need to do,” he said. “In the older part of town people don’t have the money to have stuff hauled off.”

Mayor Steve Myers agreed that having city crews going door-to-door would help tremendously.

The mayor asked Roth to have another discussion with Waste Connections explaining Gass’ concerns to see if they would work with the city.

“Maybe Mr. Roth could meet with the waste hauler to see if two proposals could merge and bring this back to the next meeting,” Myers said.

Roth said the type of service proposed by Gass is very nice but costly to the city. He said residents can now have one item a month picked up at no cost, but the service is not being used much.

“We have a generous offer from Waste Connections,” he said. “Id like to give it a try.”

Johnson questioned whether the dumpster in the park would interfere with the soccer season.

Roth said there is a soccer game that day, but the dumpster would not interfere with soccer activities.

He said if the board wants him to work out a curbside pickup day, he could work on that later.

“So you’re saying no curbside pickup and everybody take their stuff to Liberty Field?” Johnson asked. “I don’t think that will work. If that is what it is, these people won’t bring items to Liberty Field. You’ll set your dumpsters in Liberty Field and people will set their trash at the curb.”

Alderman Greg Rahn asked for a compromise with Waste Connections placing the dumpster in Liberty Field and city crews picking up trash curbside and taking it to the dumpster.

Alderman Andy Nemeth said he thought it’s worth a try to go with Roth’s plan. On his motion, aldermen agreed to the Oct. 6 bulky collection at Liberty Field plan.