Following a failure of the city computers and network on Monday, Jan. 30, the city scrambled to buy a new server.

“A week ago Monday the city hall computers and network went down,” City Administrator Steve Roth said. “We spent a good part of the day getting everybody back up to speed.”

Roth asked aldermen to approve a bid from Bays Computers for a new server at a cost of $4,100. He said the server would be the foundation for an upgrade of the city’s entire information technology (IT) system.

“I like to plan and have bids, but at this point we need to move quickly,” he said. “Bays came to our rescue when the system went down. They built a good part of our network and have done a good job for us.”

Bays proposed a Dell Power Edge R900 server, which includes a central processing unit (CPU), hard disk controller, new hard drives and redundant power supplies.

The server quoted will run all current server needs for the city and foreseeable future application needs.

Alderman Mike Pigg asked whether the new server was part of a permanent fix or to just a stopgap to get by.

“This is the main server that we need and we can build the rest of the system around,” Roth said. “To the best of my knowledge this is the foundation of what we need to build the network around.

“We’ve been talking about IT for a while,” he said. “We have a lot of computers where we need hardware and software upgrades.”

Upgrading the city’s website also is under consideration.