In a move to finalize the editing of a proposed new comprehensive plan, the planning and zoning commission will review the last three chapters of the document at its May 23 meeting.

The reason for a comprehensive plan is to assist staff and P&Z to determine appropriate land for future developments, said City Administrator Steve Roth, who has been pushing for adoption of the new plan since taking the post last August.

The board of aldermen approved creation of a new plan in January 2013 and the city entered into an agreement with Todd Streiler, Streiler Planning LLC, to craft the new plan, which was intended to replace the plan written by planner Mary Hart in 1995.

Streiler delivered a completed 160-page draft to P&Z in June 2015, which commissioners approved, but the board of aldermen requested that P&Z review and revise the plan.

Alderman Nick Chlebowski, who serves on P&Z, has spent the past several months editing and paring down the large document.

The full commission has reviewed and given the go-ahead to the first five sections. Those pages cover existing conditions; critical issue; visions, goals and objectives; public facilities and services; and a parks master plan.

Sections still to be finalized include flood plain management, economic development and future land use.

Once P&Z members agree on the final edit, a public hearing will be scheduled to allow for citizens to comment before final adoption of the document.

Chlebowski also is working with Roth to create a future land use map that would be adopted as part of the plan.

Although the uses designated on the map would not be binding, they would signal to prospective developers what officials would like to see in each area of the city in the future, according to Roth.

Copies of the plan and the map are available at city hall.