Mayor Steve Myers and Taylor Duncan

Mayor Steve Myers had a special meeting over ice cream last weekend with Taylor Duncan, a Waynesville 5-year-old who wants to have ice cream with every mayor in Missouri.

Duncan, along with her mother, Theresa, dad, Mike and two siblings met with Myers and wife and daughter at Hoffman’s Drive In Sunday, Aug. 26, for ice cream and an interview.

Through her “Show Me Ice Cream” Facebook page, Taylor and her mother have been setting up meetings with mayors throughout the state. Myers was the sixth mayor Taylor has met since the project began in early August.

Theresa Duncan said it’s a yearlong project that’s part of Taylor’s homeschooling. She said with the completion of Taylor’s summer goals — learning how to swim and riding a bike — the two were looking for a new long-term goal.

She said from there, her daughter dreamt up the ice cream idea. Now, six mayors in, she said Taylor is starting to have some facts memorized.

“She has a lot of Missouri facts memorized and I’m pretty proud of her for that,” Theresa Duncan said. “It lets her have an experience and memory that makes a connection with the cities, instead of just reading about them and not knowing where they are.”

Over frozen treats, Myers and Taylor asked each other questions about the state and, namely, Pacific.

Duncan asked Myers about the caves located near downtown Pacific to which he told her about one of the city’s major exports, silica sand.

Myers also showed Duncan and her family Jensen‘s Point and Blackburn Park, visited several area stores, including Null and Crossbones, a local shop that sells “dreadful collectibles.” Duncan also learned about the city’s history, including the belief that it is the most northern city the Confederate army reached during the Civil War.

One question Taylor asked the mayor was what he thought the most difficult part of his job is. He said it would have to be finding “balance.”

“I think the hardest challenge of this job is juggling all the things I want to accomplish for the city with my everyday job,” he said.

Myers then asked Taylor why she wanted to meet every mayor in Missouri.

“I want to make friends, have fun and eat ice cream,” she said.

Kavahn M.

PCN Ice Cream Mayor 08/29/18