A search for a company to supply security camera systems in the city parks must include park overseers and park users, Pacific aldermen say.

Officials agree that security cameras are needed in the parks to deter vandalism, but selecting the right company and the right equipment needs more scrutiny.

Speaking at the Jan. 16 board meeting, City Administrator Steve Roth restated what he had told the board two weeks earlier. He received two proposals from firms that want to provide the cameras and recording equipment.

The proposals included high-tech digital cameras and recording equipment for the main city park, Adam’s Garden, Blackburn Park, Jensen’s Point Park and Liberty Field. The cameras would video activities in the park and forward the images to the police department.

Bays ET offered a system for the listed parks at a cost of $20,655. Zobrio said it could provide a system for $17,351.

At the Jan. 2 meeting, aldermen said they wanted to see a demonstration of the equipment that each firm proposes. They want to see what the cameras would see in order to obtain the best security coverage, especially for areas with a history of vandalism.

Alderman Mike Pigg said not only should aldermen see the proposed equipment, but the park board and public also should see what the city is considering for the parks.

“The parks are the park board’s responsibility,” Pigg said. “And the public are the people who see what is happening in the parks.”

At that meeting, Aldermen Steve Myers and Carol Johnson also asked that additional locations be added to the list provided for the two suppliers.

Myers wants cameras added to the Jensen’s Point parking lot and Johnson wants security cameras at the Red Cedar building, which the city purchased and plans to use as a visitor, history and genealogy center.

At last week’s meeting, Roth said he wants to look at both proposals more indepth and talk with Police Chief Matt Mansell and Public Works Commissioner Robert Brueggemann and then make a firm recommendation to the board.

Mayor Jeff Palmore said aldermen should have a special board meeting open to the public to view the proposals and vote on the selection at that meeting.

Andrew Nemeth said Roth should get input from proper city officials and have them look at the proposals before they come to the board.

Roth said he will meet with Mansell and Brueggemann to get their input then arrange a special board meeting for public demonstration of the proposed equipment.