Construction of a new building in a manufacturing complex involved a request for a new address to aid truckers using GPS to find the site.

Continental Products, located at 6 Midwest Drive in the Dailey Industrial Park, asked the Pacific Planning and Zoning Commission to approve a simplified Planned Unit Development (PUD) plan for an 11,925-square-foot warehouse building on the portion of its property that faces Industrial Drive.

Bob Van Allen said he was also requesting an Industrial Drive address for the new building to help delivery trucks find the building.

There are three existing buildings on the site, which face Midwest Drive. The new building would include an entrance, paved parking lot facing Industrial Drive, and a loading dock for delivery trucks.

 The firm, which manufactures and packages custom, chemical compounds for other companies, has been in business since 1967 and moved to the Midwest Drive site in 1987.

Continental Products currently employs nine people and expects that to grow by two to four new jobs as the new structure becomes part of the operation.

City Administrator Steve Roth said the decision did not have to go back to the board of aldermen for approval. He noted that the proposed building was in compliance with code requirements.

“The commission is the final authority on this,” Roth said.

“I feel it is a quality project and welcome the new development and business activity the project would provide,” Roth said. “I respectfully request approval.”