Roy White of Catawissa has built and flown kites for more than 50 years.

White has been photographed with master kite builders and stars in a YouTube home film production where he flies his large double-decker circular kite of stars and stripes.

He reproduced a version of Alexander Graham Bell’s large circular tetrahedral truss design kite. Bell believed that if you made a kite large enough it could lift a man.

White had no difficulty building and flying a replica of Bell’s kite, but he’s just as happy toiling away on quickly constructed kites to bring joy to children. This was his offering at the Gray Summit Baptist Church Fall Festival Sept. 30.

With the help of festivalgoer, Bentley Lange, 6, Pacific, White demonstrated how simple it is to construct a small kite from scratch in a matter of minutes.

Starting with an 18-inch-wide outline cut from a surplus Japanese trash bag, two thin stripes of wood, a little tape and string, White and Lange constructed a red kite with red streamers.

White buys thousands of feet of string and rolls 20 or 30 feet onto a dowel for each youngster to attach to his kite.

Throughout the day, he helped area youngsters build kites from scratch and then watch them lift off into the sky.

With a swoosh of the kite builder’s arm, Lange’s kite was captured by the breeze and sent soaring, dipping and looping, higher and higher.

“There is nothing like making your own kite and seeing it fly,” he said.