Local gymnasts Katie Borcherding and Destiny Nolting earned silver medals Feb. 22-25 in the Vegas Acro Cup in Las Vegas, Nev.

The competition attracted more than 700 athletes from eight countries and many from the United States.

Twelve upper level acrobatic gymnasts from Show-Me Acro in Pacific represented their hometown and state. Laurie Borcherding coaches the athletes.

Elite level athletes train more than 18 hours per week to perfect three varied routines in balance skills, dynamic skills and one routine of combined skills.

Borcherding and Nolting were one of only two acrobatic pairings able to present the back tuck, back to catch skill, in the entire competition.

“This Elite pair is competing this season with a strong position to make the national team,” the coach said. “They placed second in Las Vegas, receiving silver medals in this international competition.”

Show-Me Acro also produced an Elite level trio of Grace Vonder Haar, Kayla Vonder Haar and Emily Tuschoff. This trio presented their three routines and earned fourth place at their first international competition.

Other athletes from Show-Me Acro who represented this region with honor were the Level 9 Trio of Olivia Crabtree, Laura Coroama and Lydia Maune, who placed ninth.

Level 7 pairs Mary Grace Heartlein and AnnaLea Henry, and Level 7 Christina Saffron and Gracie Webb placed 10th in their respective age divisions.

“Representing one’s team, state, region and country is an integral aspect of developing as an athlete,” Borcherding said. “Show-Me Acro athletes have an exciting season ahead, and they welcome all to come cheer them at competitions, support their national and international dreams through various fundraisers.”

Show-Me Acro is located at 2297 Rose Lane in Pacific.

People may contact Show-Me Acro for competition schedules or to try a class at 314-399-8874, or check them out on Facebook at ShowMeAcroGymnastics.