A question on the quiz show “Jeopardy” recently landed the city of Pacific on national TV.

The first question in the first category of the Oct. 17 “Jeopardy” quiz show fulfilled a prediction that selection of our town as the home of Bigfoot 4x4 Monster Trucks would put Pacific on the map.

Alex Trebek, “Jeopardy” host, opened the show by offering contestants six categories of questions — I’m a Huge Fan, The Midwest, Letter Perfect, A Novel Idea, Let’s Save the Planet or Let’s Remodel the Kitchen.

As “Jeopardy” fans know the question is actually a statement and the contestants have to phrase the answer in the form a question.

The returning champion, Naval officer Manny Abel, chose the first category the Midwest.

Trebek reeled off the statement: “Bigfoot, the original 4x4 one of these, lives in Pacific, Mo.”

Contestant Carlos answered correctly, “What is a monster truck?”

The correct answer was worth $600.

According to locals who saw the show, it might have been worth more than money.

“I was amazed when I saw it,” said resident Ed Rotert. “When you first hear Bigfoot and Pacific you might think of the Northwest and Yeti. But it was our Bigfoot and our Pacific.”

Bigfoot, the original monster truck as the TV show noted, moved its headquarters from Hazelwood to Pacific in 2015.

Bob and Marilyn Chandler established Bigfoot in 1974 with one F-250 pickup and the organization now operates a fleet of monster trucks, driven by celebrity drivers that make more than 700 appearances worldwide each year.

The founders’ daughter and son-in-law, Ann and Bob Trent, who now manage the company, keep the giant-tired trademark vehicles on display at Pacific celebrations such as Monsterfest and the recent B&H Market customer appreciation fair.

According to the city tourism commission, the recognizable trademark monster truck is a great tool to build awareness of our town.

“Bigfoot is a celebrity and it is our celebrity,” according to Dennis Oliver, tourism commission chair. “We need to promote Pacific as the home of Bigfoot.”