Fencing for Jensen’s Point Park

Alderman Steve Myers, left, and Harry Engelhart examine a section of antique wrought-iron fence that will be used at Jensen’s Point Park. Myers spearheaded a grant application to the St. Louis County Municipal Park Grant Commission to fund fencing for the park. Engelhart will donate seven sections of old fencing and build 48 sections for the park. Missourian Photo.

Local farmer, auctioneer and craftsman Harry Engelhart is preparing to weld together 16,000 pounds of wrought iron rod and finials into 8-foot sections of fencing for Jensen’s Point Park.

A St. Louis County Municipal Park Grant will pay for most of the raw materials. Engelhart will donate the rest, including all of the labor and seven sections of antique iron fencing he acquired from collector Ron Sansone.

The antique sections will serve as a model for the new fencing.

Wrought iron is such a durable product visitors will not be able to tell the old from the new sections when he is finished, Engelhart said.

Officials were notified in a Nov. 4 letter that Pacific was one of 17 awardees in this round of St. Louis County Municipal Park Grant awards where a total of $6.9 million was awarded to parks in St. Louis County.

Since Jensen’s Point is located in St. Louis County, Pacific will receive $65,421 to be used for handrails, stonework and fencing in the historic park, with $25,000 dedicated to fencing.

“They only gave us half of the cost of the fencing because it’s decorative,” said Steve Myers, who spearheaded the grant applications.

Jensen’s Point Lookout and adjoining ground was purchased with a $350,000 grant from the program.

Myers said the Pacific Park Board, which is overseeing the improvements at Jensen’s Point, had specified decorative fencing to be more compatible with the stonework at the site.

“Harry (Engelhart) got a material cost estimate to finish the rest of the remaining fence,” he said. “Cost of the material was close to the grant amount. He said he’d make up the difference and donate his labor.”