The historical and genealogical society is now functioning as a city of Pacific committee in charge of memorabilia and family history archives.

In its first week as an official city committee, a nine-member board of directors appointed by the mayor and elected officers, turned records over to the city clerk and made preliminary plans to operate a historical museum and genealogy library in the former Red Cedar Inn building.

Meeting at the Tri-County Senior Center Feb. 1, the board elected Chris Niemoeller, president; Jeff Titter, vice president; Donna Graham, secretary; and Therissa Schlemper, treasurer.

Other directors are Janet Daniel, Patricia Sewell, Sue Reed, Pauline Masson and Carol Johnson, aldermanic liaison.

Although the city will handle all funds, the treasurer will track revenue and expenditures to help guide the board in its request for materials or other needs to serve the public.

The first order of business is for the board to create a plan to relocate the history collection and family history archive to the former Red Cedar Inn, which is to serve as a visitor and history center.

The city purchased the 1932 building located at 1047 E. Osage in September 2017 with an agreement that the seller could remain in the building for six months.

The city paid $290,000 for the structure, of which $165,000 came from the general fund and $125,000 from tourism taxes.

Johnson said she would seek professional help in designing a plan for the use of the building that would combine the mixed uses of the space.

The Pacific Tourism Commission, which helped to fund the purchase of the historic building and plans to open a visitor center there will be asked to join the history and genealogy members to create a workable floor plan that showcases each of the user groups.