Former Alderman and Public Works Commissioner Ed Gass wants the city to take another look at who will provide water for a proposed subdivision on Old Gray Summit Road.

Speaking at the Feb. 6 board of aldermen meeting, Gass said the city has provided water for that site since 1979.

“The city should serve water to the new development out there,” he said. “This has been served long before the recent agreement (with Water District 3 regarding this subdivision).”

Lawless Homes wants to develop a 133-lot subdivision on a 55-acre parcel located on Old Gray Summit, adjacent to Ridge Meadows subdivision.

In separate action at the meeting, aldermen approved voluntary annexation of the property to place the subdivision within the city limits.

City Administrator Steve Roth said he had met with Water District 3 officials in relation to water and sewer services to the proposed development and District 3 officials had asserted that it would be the water provider and Pacific would be the sewer provider.

Gass asked aldermen to empower the city attorney to look at the agreement between the city and water district.

“We should ask: Can they really serve that subdivision?” Gass said. “They would have to extend a bigger line for fire protection.”

Roth said he believes Pacific is in a better position to supply water to the development and would be happy to have the city attorney research to see if the city has any room to maneuver.

Gass also asked whether the city had asked the developer to provide funds for a sewer study.

“Can we handle it?” he asked. “Lot of open ends here.”

Alderman Steve Myers said he agrees with Gass and believes that the city should “chase every chance we get to supply water.” He made a motion for the attorney to look into the water issue, which was seconded by Alderman Mike Pigg and approved by voice vote.