The Pacific Planning and Zoning Commission gave the nod to a proposed warehouse to be used for storage of lumber and other building materials for a local furniture manufacturer.

Commissioners voted 8-0 to recommend approval of a request for a zone change from M-1 light industrial to planned unit development (PUD) to allow construction of an 11,900-square-foot storage warehouse on a 1.35-acre parcel.

The property is located at 2244 Rose Lane on the south side of Rose Lane and west of Lamar Parkway.

The new building would be used solely as a storage warehouse for building materials for the Ezekiel & Stearns manufacturing facility, which is next door to the proposed warehouse building.

A loading dock area and other site improvements also are proposed.

The property is zoned M-1 light industrial and warehousing is a permitted use. Surrounding property is currently zoned M-1 to the north, east and west, and residential zoning to the south.

William Gratzer, the builder, was the applicant seeking the zone change. Andrew Black is the owner of Ezekiel & Stearns, a furniture manufacturer that designs and builds farm tables, benches and organization systems.

Products are sold through online sites such as, and

The property contains both floodway and flood plain areas, which would require the building elevation to be 2 feet above base flood elevation. Elevation of the property is 483.2 feet and the minimum base flood elevation is 483.2 feet. The proposed building elevation is 487.25 feet, which exceeds the 2-foot requirement.

The requirement for sidewalks in front of the new warehouse also was discussed. City Administrator Steve Roth noted that in the M-1 zoning district, the building does allow that sidewalks can be waived.

There are sidewalks on the north side of that section of Rose Lane, but no sidewalks on the south side.

P&Z recommended approval of the application, waiving the need to construct a sidewalk.

The measure now goes before the board of aldermen for approval.