Plans are underway to restructure and renovate the former Dollar General Store, 2290 Country Club Estate Drive, at the west end of the West Osage Plaza.

The building has been empty since 2006, following a dispute with plaza owners over parking.

The 9,000-square-foot building was approved by ordinance in 2003 and Dollar General opened its store with customers parking on the east side of the building.

In 2006, owners of Route 66 Market Place, which houses Queen’s IGA and Orscheln Farm and Home, objected, saying the parking spaces on the east side of the building were in the market place.

After months of dispute, the retail store constructed 11 parking spaces on the north and south end of the building, but the confusion over parking continued and Dollar General vacated the building. It has been empty since.

Now Randy and Connie Black, Hedgeapple Development LLC, want to redevelop the site for general commercial use. They say they do not have a specific use or user yet.

The developer presented plans to the planning and zoning commission (P&Z) that call for the entrance on the east side of the building to be abandoned and a new entrance constructed on the north end.

The developers do not plan to use any shared parking with the adjoining property.

City codes require 37 parking spaces. The site has 35 spaces, 26 to the north and nine to the south. The developers plan to add three spaces to the north area, and two ADA spaces to the south.

The ADA spaces are shown at the south of the building, which conflicts with code requirements, which say ADA spaces shall be located at the shortest possible route to the building entrance.

Developers said they would make a door on the south side of the building the handicapped entrance.

The building meets the front, rear and west side yard setback requirements, but needs a waiver because it encroaches on the east setback by approximately 4 to 5 feet.

Aldermen unanimously approved the plan as presented by reading the ordinance twice Dec. 19.