A project designed to help young adults instill a love of reading into toddlers has the future business leaders club on a mission.

Eleven members of Pacific High School’s Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) visited the Early Childhood Center (ECC) in Pacific to read to the preschoolers Oct. 18.

FBLA is a club that promotes activities of community service that also help members learn how to be a true leader.

Reading to the preschoolers is part of a literacy project organized by FBLA sponsor Garret Andreasen.

Alexis McCabe and Calista Rowbottom, FBLA members who documented the visit, said they hope more members will attend next time.

The literacy project is one way FBLA members give back to the community by helping children grow a passion for reading, the sponsor said.

FBLA members said it was a great feeling to see how excited the children get when they return to the ECC.

“It’s a reminder that we’re influencing the children,” one student said.

FBLA members also said they want to thank the district’s business manager for stopping by and participating in reading to the preschoolers.

FBLA’s next visit to the ECC will be Nov. 15.