Developers of a proposed retail and residential development on Hogan Road said they are continuing to work through DNR and the city of Pacific on requirements for the site and still plan to begin construction this summer.

Chad Neal with Orchid Development told The Missourian in a phone interview he hopes to make plans for the project available to the public within the next two weeks.

Orchid Development Group LLC, headquartered in Sullivan, wants to develop Dogwood Plaza on a 25-acre parcel. The project occupies a portion of an 80-acre parcel owned by Lamar Investments LLC.

Neal said the Dogwood Plaza project is planned for growth and could eventually include the entire 80-acre site.

DNR stopped excavation on the property in February after inspecting the site for stormwater runoff and erosion control.

Neal said he has been meeting with DNR and is working to meet all the agency’s requirements.

The developer plans a four-tier hotel, restaurant, retail and residential development on the hillside north of West Osage Street.

Plans that have been proposed for the site include a 170-room hotel that will be professionally managed by Maverick restaurant group from Chicago; two stand-alone family restaurants with recognizable national names; approximately 30,000 square feet of commercial retail space; and a mix of single-family homes and multifamily units, that will have lakes and walking trails.

The developer has not received a city of Pacific grading permit to excavate the site, but Neal said he is working through the requirements and expects to be in compliance soon.

“We very much want to move this project forward,” he said.

The developer previously asked the city to create a commercial improvement district (CID) to rebate a one-cent special sales tax collected by retailers within the new plaza to help pay for infrastructure.

If a CID were enacted, a consultant and spokesman for Orchid Development said, over a 25-year period, the CID tax could generate $2 to $3 million to aid the development, which would accompany $5 to $6 million in new taxes for the city of Pacific.