City officials are researching funding for a new storm warning siren to be installed north of Interstate 44.

Total cost of the siren, pole and installation would be $50,000, according to Dian Becker, emergency management director.

Becker and Walter Arnette, board of aldermen president, discussed the unique needs of residents in that area at the Jan. 15 board meeting.

“We selected a nine-cell siren because it carries a great distance,” Becker said.

A total of five sirens now serve the city. Three nine-cell sirens are located at the Eagles, 707 W. Congress, the city maintenance shed and on Industrial Drive. Two two-cell sirens are located near Monroe Woods Apartments and at Osage Hills Subdivision on Highway OO.

Because of hills and terrain, many residents north of the interstate cannot hear the siren located in other parts of the city, Becker said.

Mayor Herb Adams said he and City Administrator Harold Selby are researching funding to pay for the purchase and installation of this latest warning system.

Adams said he and Selby would return with their recommendation at the next board of aldermen meeting.