A planned large lot subdivision located just outside Pacific city limits on Old Gray Summit Road received unanimous approval by the Franklin County Planning and Zoning Commission, but has run into a hurdle from the city of Pacific.

West Summit LLC wants to develop a 15-lot major subdivision on a 60-acre parcel located off Old Gray Summit Road, three-tenths of a mile west of Sierra Ridge Avenue.

The county plan board unanimously approved a preliminary plat for the development at its Dec. 18 meeting.

Developers said Public Water District No. 3 would provide water and sewer service, but sewer treatment would be done by Pacific through Brush Creek Sewer District.

Gene Fribis, a civil engineer with Heneghan & Associates Engineering, who spoke to the county plan board on behalf of West Summit LLC, said the question of sewer service would have to be resolved through the city of Pacific.

“We found that there is perhaps going to be an issue on the sanitary sewers,” he said. “It was a surprise to all of us. We found that the city of Pacific is posturing to not allow us to connect into their sewer network, which is just east of the property that my clients own east of the subject tract.

“It was our intention to connect onto sewers in the subdivision called Ridge Meadows, which is the property east of the subject tract, and extend sewers through my client’s property,” Fribis said.

Bill Evans, county P&Z chair, said the sanitary sewers and stormwater plans would have to be completed before the final plat could be approved.

After being notified of the public hearing on the preliminary plat, Pacific City Administrator Steve Roth notified the county that the city of Pacific would not provide sanitary sewer service to the development if it did not annex into the city.

In the Dec. 13 memo to FCP&Z, Roth also said the city questioned whether the large lot development proposed in the application is the best use of this property.

“It is not clear what the plan is for water and sanitary sewer service to the development,” Roth said. “The city will not provide sanitary sewer service to this property unless it is annexed into the city.”

Roth said the city questions the average lot size of 3.32 acres in the proposed development, which is considerably lower density than a subdivision that was proposed and approved on a parcel within the city and adjacent to this development.

The previously approved subdivision is no longer under consideration, but Roth noted that the property will probably be developed in the future with higher density than the planned West Summit development.

Roth stressed that annexation into the city would benefit the proposed West Summit development in several ways.

“Annexation into the city would allow for a higher level of density; would provide access to public water and sanitary sewer service; would provide for regular public street maintenance and improvement; and would provide for city of Pacific police protection,” Roth said.

“We understand there may be a market for larger lots in some areas of the county; however the property owner should understand that given this property location next to the city limits, higher-density residential development would be expected to occur at some point in the future, which may impact the character of the large lot development proposed here,” he added.

This proposed development is adjacent to a proposed 133-lot subdivision at 2503 Old Gray Summit Road on a 55-acre parcel immediately west of Ridge Meadows subdivision.

The property, which was located outside the city limit, was voluntarily annexed into the site into the city.

The proposed subdivision on this site is not being pursued.