Pacific officials are eyeing some projects that could protect certain properties from future floods, ahead of a flood mitigation planning study that is underway.

Aldermen approved a $107,000 study this past December to mitigate flooding at the city’s sewer treatment plant, drinking water facilities, the East Osage retail plaza and the residential and business area south of the railroad tracks.

HR Green Inc., Chesterfield, is conducting the study, which does not include design or construction of any suggested projects.

On the city’s behalf, HR Green said it would meet with FEMA, state officials, lobbyists, federal congressional staff, governor’s staff and other funding program agencies.

The firm is helping the city identify timing, eligibility and match requirements for any potential funding for flood mitigation projects identified in the study.

The objective is to develop flood mitigation solutions in those areas, offer a professional opinion of the cost and identify funding opportunities for each of the suggested projects.

Officials say they are now looking at one possible mitigation project and have “shopped” the idea to the State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA).

City Administrator Steve Roth said he plans a presentation to aldermen on progress of the study this fall.

“We have shopped a floodwall project at Jefferson Street and Denton Road to SEMA, which has expressed some support for the project,” Roth said. “This floodwall would protect the Graphic Packaging facility and an adjacent area, which was identified as one of five study areas in the flood mitigation study.”

Roth said he could would submit a notice of interest to the state on the project, which is a required first step in order to be considered for future grant funding.

The federal pre-disaster mitigation program (PDM) is the most likely fit for the project.

The notice of interest does not obligate the city to carry through with the project. If the city is asked to apply for the project, the application would go before the board of aldermen for consideration.