Mayor Steve Myers said he has charged a newly formed city beautification committee with the task of making the city more appealing.

Even though formal establishment of the committee was postponed for two weeks to give the mayor time to increase the size of the committee from six to seven, the six founding members took the oath of office at the Nov. 6 board meeting.

Those members are Angie Hardcastle, Amy Donovan, Heather Mulford, Doug Spitler, Samantha Stotler and Jo Schaper.

At the suggestion of Alderman Carol Johnson, the size of the committee was increased from six to seven to allow for a tie-break vote in case members split evenly on an issue.

Myers said it was his intention that the aldermanic liaison to the board, Herb Adams, would be the seventh member, but would not vote. He suggested amending the ordinance to increase the number of committee members to seven and stipulate that the aldermanic liaison to the committee did not have a vote.

He said the committee make-up should be consistent with other committees.

“The reason is that committees are intended to be filled with citizens not elected officials,” Adams explained. “That makes it more of a citizens’ board.”

The mayor agreed to appoint another person to the committee, but asked that the existing committee members who were present be sworn in.

He also said he established the committee to enhance the overall appearance of the city and improve the quality of life for residents.

“I have suggested to members of the committee that as they drive through town they consider what a tourist sees on their first visit to town,” Myers said. “I want to challenge them to make a list of our deficiencies and break down the list into tasks they themselves can solve.”

The committee will need to raise funds for some projects, he said, and will need help with physically performing some tasks. The committee also will need to seek help with grant writing for larger, more ambitious goals and objectives.

“It would be possible that this committee could hold beautification awards events, a citywide Pacific Pride contest, best decorated home for Halloween, which would obviously be Dan McClain, and a Christmas decoration contest,” Myers said.

The committee could stir up a passion among citizens to promote a cleaner, more attractive Pacific and increase awareness of environmental issues or cleanup opportunities that bring out volunteers to help be a part of the transformation, he added.