The Pacific Area Chamber of Commerce lost its bid to retain management of the Pacific license office.

Greg Myers, Chamber president, said even though the news is bittersweet, the good news is that the community is not losing the office.

The license office will continue to be in Pacific and Chamber officers are doing everything they can to assist the new manager.

“At this point it appears it will be in the same location and the new managers will keep all the staff,” Myers said. “As the champion of all business we are welcoming the new owner. We want to see an easy transition.”

At the end of January, York Management LLD, based in DesPeres, will operate the Pacific license office.

The Missouri Office of Administration, in conjunction with the Missouri Department of Revenue, announced the decision to award the contract to York Dec. 15.

All license office contracts in Missouri are awarded through a point-based competitive bid process.

The Pacific Commerce has managed the license office since the early 1970s. The office has been a solid source of revenue for the Chamber.

License offices process vehicle registrations and driver’s licenses, and collect vehicle sales taxes. The Department of Revenue oversees license offices, but each office is operated by an independent agent.

In 2017, more than 50,000 transactions were conducted at the Pacific office, generating $190,762 in processing fees.

Chamber officers will now refocus their attention on different revenue possibilities.

Myers said he’s had a series of meetings with Doug Straatmann, Chamber treasurer, and Tiffany Wilson, Chamber executive director, to explore other avenues of revenue.

“We will maintain our focus on being an economic development advocate for the community,” Myers said.