Residents of Candlewick Lane are one step closer to seeing the street repairs that they have been requesting for more than six years.

The one-block-long section of roadway between Highway N and the industrial park was not built to support the traffic to the industrial park, according to former alderman Ed Gass, who was public works commissioner when the road was built.

Residents asked the city to block traffic to the industrial park from using the residential street and to repair the damaged section. The street also was plagued with excessive stormwater.

In 2011, then mayor Herb Adams told aldermen he wanted to create a plan to upgrade all the substandard streets in the city, including Candlewick but it  was not at the top of the list.

Two years later, with Candlewick Lane residents still petitioning the city for street repairs, Adams admonished aldermen not to mislead residents into thinking the work would be done soon.

In 2015, the city requested that East-West Gateway classify Candlewick as a collector street so it would qualify for federal funds.

At its Dec. 29 meeting, aldermen said a federal grant is now in place and the city is ready to proceed with the repairs.

Aldermen approved a $417,000 plan to construct new storm sewers and replace some concrete slabs, but the plan has one more step before construction — MoDOT must review and approve the plan before work can begin.

The work will be paid for with $214,000 in federal funds and $50,000 from a Franklin County transportation grant. The remaining $153,000 will be paid for with revenue from the city’s capital improvement tax.

The 1,700-foot project will include new storm sewer improvements and replacement of approximately one-half of the concrete slabs along the section of Candlewick running from Highway N to a point near the Aurora Technologies site.

Once MoDOT approves the plans, the city plans to bid the project in late spring. The deadline for obligating the federal funds is September 2019.