Pacific officials say they are prepared to apply for federal flood mitigation assistance (FMA) buyout funds for a limited number of structures that were significantly damaged in the recent floods.

The deadline for application to the state of Missouri is Oct. 13.

Although this round of funding was aimed at structures damaged in the 2015 flood, all of the properties were again flooded in 2017.

FEMA funds are limited and officials will not know until late in 2018 if Pacific property owners will be offered buyouts.

If a grant is received, activity on purchasing the structures will begin in the spring of 2019. Once notified that their property can be bought out, owners have 36 months to act.

City Administrator Steve Roth and Engineer Dan Rahn presented a list of eight properties that were selected for the grant application.

The first criteria for being included in the application was property owners had to notify the city of their interest in being bought out.

“Only structures which owners had filed written notices of voluntary interest or expressed their verbal intent for a buyout were included in the list,” Roth said.

Other criteria for inclusion in the application was the location of the property in the flood, amount of damage and number of times the structure had suffered flood damage.

Properties had to be covered by flood insurance to be eligible.

Roth said he and Rahn had been advised by SEMA to keep the federal amount requested below $1 million.

The total federal amount of the grant application for the eight properties is $1,042,950.93.

Roth said that neither he nor Rahn had contacted individual property owners to discuss rankings or the project cost figures, but alderman Steve Myers said he thought property owners should be contacted.

A second FEMA buyout program is available to property owners and Roth said he and Rahn also plan to apply for a grant in that program.

The good thing about that program is that properties do not have to have flood insurance to be eligible for buyout, Roth said.

“We do intend to work on that program as well,” he said. “We have sent notice to the state that we are interested but we can’t apply until the state invites us to.”

Alderman Carol Johnson asked for clarification that every property owner who attended the Riverbend School flood buyout information meeting and completed the notice of voluntary interest was included in the consideration.

“The list shows everyone who said they were interested,” Rahn said.