The city approved a bid for the purchase of a derelict property on the dead end stub of Elm Street, but one alderman wonders whether it might serve citizens better if it was cleared for a small park.

Aldermen approved a bid Sept. 19 to purchase the residence and lot at 108 S. Elm for $103.

Franklin County deeded the property to the city of Pacific after it was seized for nonpayment of taxes.

The lot, which is overgrown with brush and trees, contains an abandoned residence that is in ruins and falling apart, officials said.

City Administrator Steve Roth received approval from aldermen to seek bids for the purchase of the site rather than have the city pay for the cost of demolition and site cleanup.

Two bids were submitted to purchase the property — one for $103 and one for $100.

“We opted to accept the higher bid,” Roth said.

Alderman Nick Chlebowski questioned whether accepting such a small bid the city could instead clear the property and use it for a minipark.

Mayor Jeff Palmore said the cost to demolish the building could reach $4,000 to $5,000.

The mayor also said use of the lot as a minipark in that location seemed ineffective due to its propensity to flood and its location.

“We would end up having to maintain it,” he said.