Motorcycles of every class and color lined the parking lot this past Sunday, Sept. 24, of the Pacific Eagles, 707 W. Congress.

Bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts turned out for the 18th annual Freedom of Road Riders (FORR) bike show and rally.

Vendors included the Canine Search and Rescue Association, The Ridge Church, Mercy medical helicopter and Action Riders Bike Club.

“We welcome all bikers,” said Tex Garner, FORR president.

Officials registered about 50 show class motorcycles to be judged in eight classes.

Among bike classes judged were American cruiser and touring, pre-1985, custom bikes, metric cruiser and touring, sport and trike/side car.

Following the judging and handing out of trophies, riders took part in a series of bike games, including slow ride, helmet toss, keg roll and weenie bite.

The club, which has approximately 60 active members, operates as a service club to aid local organizations and raise awareness that bikers are ambassadors of goodwill.

Benefit rides to raise funds for school supplies and needs of children in foster care are among the club’s regular activities.

In its activities for foster children, FORR members have been assisted by local businesses such as Wal-Mart, Big Lots in Washington, Roadhouse 100 Gray Summit, Pacific Eagles, CMA and the American Legion.