Bigfoot 4x4, the original monster truck, will make an appearance on the syndicated television program, “Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live Crushing It!”

The monster truck company has been headquartered in Pacific since 2015. Ann and Bob Trent manage the firm.

KPLR, Channel 11, picked up the show, but hasn’t announced a schedule. The first three episodes have already aired and can be watched online at

The fifth episode will be all about Bigfoot 4x4, including the recent open house. Pacific also got a mention in the third episode of the series.

More than 5,000 monster truck fans made the trek along West Osage, down Lamar Parkway and Rose Lane, or boarded the shuttle at B & H Market provided by Mayor Steve Myers for the June 1 open house. It was the largest crowd for the annual event, according to the company officials.

Hot Wheels, Mattel manufacturing creator of die-cast scale model vehicles, was featured prominently at the event.

Hot Wheels set up the crash zone. In preparation for the upcoming television show, Ray Weathers with Hot Wheels set up a table with a series of tracks and 200 toy vehicles so that youngsters were allowed to run over a series of intricate tracks.

“Kids can get bored waiting around for the car crush,” Weathers said at the event. “This is a more kid-friendly approach to monster trucks.”

A full-sized Bigfoot, painted with the Hot Wheels logo, was stationed nearby and where families stood in line to have driver Christian Norman sign their Hot Wheels poster, or pose for a photo.

“It’s all part of the experience of exotic vehicles,” Bob Trent said.

Bigfoot also will make an appearance on a Discover TV documentary in the future. Ann Trent said a production company was in town July 29-31.

The program will detail the history of monster trucks. The crew interviewed many people at the Bigfoot 4x4 facility, including driver Jim Kramer, announcer Army Armstrong and Bigfoot creator Bob Chandler.

Chandler, who created Bigfoot in 1975, recently was inducted into the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Hall of Fame. He is credited with paving the way for an entire market of monster trucks and influencing the monster truck industry as a whole.

The Trents said that they have been trying to promote the city of Pacific as much as they can. The city is in the process of creating a platform for a monster truck display adjacent to Interstate 44 near city hall, announcing that Pacific is the home of Bigfoot.