A huge crowd is expected to converge on Rose Lane in Pacific for the Big Foot 4x4 monster truck open house Saturday, June 2, according to Police Chief Matt Mansell.

This will be the third annual Big Foot open house since the firm moved its headquarters to 2286 Rose Lane in 2015.

The original monster truck firm, formed 43 years ago, previously was headquartered in Hazelwood.

“Last year the crowd was about 3,000 visitors and we expect easily twice that many this year,” Mansell said.

Reporting at the May 15 board of aldermen meeting, Mansell said he had met with Bob and Ann Trent, Big Foot managers, about the anticipated crowd. He said Rose Lane would be closed to vehicle traffic from Lamar Parkway to Big Food headquarters for the event.

“If you want to see Big Foot, you’ll have to walk that block,” Mansell said.

Police and Big Foot security crews will be on hand to direct visitors walking beside the slow moving vehicles on Lamar Parkway trying to get closer to the event.

Mansell noted that some businesses are selling parking spaces on their lots for the event.

“Visitors can plan to do some walking,” Mansell said.

Eight Big Foot models were on display last year in front of the facility welcoming visitors to take pictures and climb on giant tires. Earthquake, Bigfoot 1, Bigfoot 8, Bigfoot 13, Bigfoot 18 and Bigfoot 20 were on display.