Pacific officials are considering the need for school bus stops in various locations in the city where children could assemble to wait for the bus.

Mayor Herb Adams said he would like to see a school bus stop on Thornton Road, near Orr Street.

Adams said when improvements are made on Thornton Road, east of Viaduct Street, he planned to ask MoDOT to transfer to the city the strip of land east of Presley Glass that could be converted to a bus stop for students who live in the area.

The roadway is scheduled to be rebuilt in 2016 and offers the city an opportunity to create a safe bus boarding area for students, he said.

Speaking at the March 12 board meeting, Adams said he plans to approach the state highway transportation department about the site.

“MoDOT owns that piece of ground now,” he said. “We’re going to ask them to give that to the city. If they do, I want to put a bus stop there.”

Adams said he became aware of the need for a bus stop when he made a site visit and noticed a number of kids were standing in the street.

“This is something we need to look at as a city,” Adams said. “There are several sites in the city where this could be done. We should require new subdivisions to put in bus stops in the future.”