Detective Amanda Meyer uncovered a gold theft operation in Pacific that involved $10,000 worth of gold jewelry stolen in 12 separate incidents over a five-month period.

A local man and woman, whose names have not been released yet, sold the jewelry to an out-of-town gold buyer, but due to quick action by Meyer, approximately $8,000 worth of gold jewelry was recovered.

“These gold buyers melt down the gold they buy pretty quickly so you don’t have much time to recover it,” Meyer said. “They still have photos of the jewelry, but the actual jewelry is gone.”

What helped this case to move quickly was the detective’s work following a recent report of a home theft — the 12th local incident over a matter of 20 weeks.

Meyer was able to identify the suspects after one couple reported that jewelry and money had been stolen while they were out of town. There was no evidence of breaking into the residence.

“We went through a list of everyone who had access to their property,” Meyer said. “We were alerted to the suspects and a visit to an out of town gold buyer turned up photographs of the woman selling gold to the gold buyer.”

Because she had been working a rash of burglaries and missing jewelry, Meyer showed the photos to other local victims and they identified their jewelry.

The man and woman developed a practice of getting to know people and offering to clean their houses or care for animals while they were away, which gave them access to their homes. They could search the homes unobserved and take whatever they found.

After their arrest the couple admitted the thefts, Meyer said. Their names are being withheld pending charges.

Police have requested that the Franklin County Prosecutor’s office charge the couple with burglary, theft and receiving stolen property.