Although action was delayed, Grant Thornton has received his conditional use permit.

The Pacific Board of Aldermen unanimously approved a CUP for Thornton, the owner of Tri-County Pawn & Gun Shop, 205 North First St., during the June 3 meeting. The approval comes one month after Thornton nearly had to close up shop because of a failure to hold a proper public hearing.

Thornton was granted his original permit in 2013 to open the pawn and gun shop. The conditions of the permit required a renewal by the board after one year.

Before the board could extend the permit, a public hearing was needed. The board of aldermen was set to hold the hearing on May 6 but it was not posted properly.

Because of the posting error, the board had to give Thornton a one-month extension to keep his business open. The public hearing was then properly scheduled for the June 3 meeting.

During the hearing no one spoke out against the request. Alderman Mike Bates spoke out in favor of the permit.

Bates said last year the planning and zoning board voted to not approve the request before later reversing course and allowing the business. During the May planning and zoning meeting, Bates said all he heard were rave reviews about the shop.

“They were unanimously in favor of reapproving his business,” Bates said. “There were several very, very positive comments and absolutely no negative comments.”

Alderman Mike Pigg apologized to Thornton for the delay.

“Everybody makes mistakes, and this is one of them,” Pigg said. “We appreciate you not losing your cool.”

After the hearing, the board nearly had another mishap with the request. To approve the permit, the board needed two readings of the bill, however, the agenda provided for the meeting only called for one reading.

Not wanting to delay the request for a second time, the board asked to do the second reading Tuesday night.

“The man’s waited long enough,” Pigg said.

City Attorney Matt Schroeder said two readings were allowable even if it wasn’t stated on the agenda.

With permission from Schroeder, a vote was taken and a permit passed unanimously.